First Month in Vietnam!

A month in Vietnam and what a month it was! This has been so far one of the best experiences in my life. Bargaining with shopkeepers, weaving through traffic of Hanoi, visiting karaoke bars with Vietnamese friends, learning Vietnamese from amazing co-workers, riding on a boat in Ha Long Bay with friends and more to come (after I get my motorbike). It has definitely been an eventful month for me.



It is one thing to know that speaking is one form of communication and it is different to actually experience it.  I was surprised when I realized that hand gestures can work very well to substitute for speaking, but not as detailed when needed.

Food is another shocker. Almost everything tastes really really good. But I have dietary restrictions; I don’t eat pork and drink alcohol, while almost every dish here has pork and beer is served with every meal. The sea food has been my savior and it is important to keep an open mind when trying out different food (trust me on that).Image

Ha Long Bay has been another bright dot in our adventure map. We visited the natural beauty last weekend and checked one of the boxes in my To-Do list. These are some of the samples of Vietnam!Image


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