White-only settlers seek S Africa recognition

Soooo, racial segregation is being redefined as culture preservation?


3 thoughts on “White-only settlers seek S Africa recognition

  1. Katiana says:

    This is frustrating. Those interviewed continue to spread the stereotypes of black people as dangerous and different – when they say that they don’t have to lock their doors in the community, or that the Zulus should want to stay with their own people just as the whites do. I think that a religious or cultural community has the possibility of making sense, but to decline people access due to skin colour is pure racism.

    • mludin says:

      The official stance they were taking as a community was that of cultural preservation. But in reality, they are pushing towards racial segregation. It is just shocking to see this happening in 21st century and a developed country to top it all.

  2. lorenemv says:

    I agree with Katiana, this is very frustrating and pure racism in disguise. It’s a perfect example of how integration backlashes in some communities and turns into a want for segregation and separation. We see it here to a lesser extent- the more immigrants, the more some people turn towards ‘traditional’ Canadian values as they feel like their own culture is changing and threatened.

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