Montreal and Corruption!

Montreal, one of Canada’s largest cities, has recently witnessed corruption charges against their mayor, Michael Applebaum, “Is charged with 14 criminal counts, including conspiracy, fraud and breach of trust”. He was arrested by UPAC, the province’s anti-corruption unit and was held for 9 hours in custody. He is not the first mayor who has been charged on corruption, “Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay resigned after allegations about illegal fundraising, and now his replacement is facing replacement”. City of Toronto was also slammed in the media about suspicious activity.

Most of the time we concentrate on corruption in developing countries, to a point that we forget that it happens everywhere. There isn’t a country or a state on earth where there is zero corruption. The key question is; what can we do (other then not participating in corruption)?


3 thoughts on “Montreal and Corruption!

  1. Zain says:

    Transparency is a highly regarded, yet poorly utilized tool that can eliminate corruption entirely. If we find a way to incorporate transparency in our system, we can avoid participating in corruption.

    • I would have to agree with Zain on this one. Transparency is a huge issue in government systems (look at our Federal Government for example). To effectively avoid corruption citizens need to be made aware of where their money is going on a more public and consistent basis.

  2. Short and sweet ML. When I am discussing Aboriginal issues with non-Aboriginal Canadians, often they cite corruption and greed on reserves as being the ultimate cause of misfortune for reserve populations. This may be true, but do they not realize the exact same crimes are happening in the mainstream Canadian government? Greed has no colour, age nor sex.

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