This is how it’s done!

This is how its done!

Very interesting experiment. There are many instances in developing world where we wont understand the situation, but that how its done there.


2 thoughts on “This is how it’s done!

  1. Katiana says:

    This is a very interesting comic/experiment. I think that we have a duty as development students/nearly professionals, to ask questions and see if the reason behind the actions are valid today – but not to assume that they are not. For instance, I read recently that an agricultural NGO figured out that if farmers planted earlier, they could eke out two harvests from their land, and did all the weather calculations and told the local farmers what day they ought to plant their first crop. However, that day came and went, and no planting happened – upon questioning, the found it was because the trees did not have fruit yet, which did not make sense to them. They later on, through trial and error, discovered that if they planted early, the birds came and ate the seeds, but if they waited until the trees bore fruit, the birds did not eat the seeds and a better crop was produced. Traditional knowledge is not always backwards or nonsensical.

  2. This will something particularly important to carry forward with us on to placement. Why does your host country do the things they do? While I understand it is important to respect cultural norms, it is equally important not to settle for the status quo should we see an opportunity for improvement.

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