Lashing out at the Bolivian President

Many of you might have heard about the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, being barred by many of European countries and forced to land in Austria. The President was in Russia for meeting with exporting-gas nations and on his way back to his country, many of the European countries stopped the plane from entering their air space.

These countries are close allies of United States and, ironically, his plane was forced to land in Austria because of a suspicion that Edward Snowden might be aboard the plane. Snowden has been over the news for the past few months because of his involvement in releasing classified information of United States government. Latin American countries have all been outraged by European refusal of letting Bolivian President pass over their air space.

This is a very disappointing news for me to see that Bolivian Present’s plane was forced to stop for 10 hours and checked for a fugitive based on a suspicion. Hypothetically speaking, if this was Barack Obama’s plane coming from Russia, would it get the same treatment as the Bolivian President?


2 thoughts on “Lashing out at the Bolivian President

  1. Casey says:

    Absolutely not! It’s amazing the kind of shafting that can be done for officials that are not internationally popular. I believe that respect is should be given to all people .. But at the same time, maybe its not that we give less respect to some presidents, but we give more preferential treatment to others? It works both ways*

    • mludin says:

      It is possible that we might give more preferential treatment to our friends and allies, but does that excuse the fact that the President of Bolivia was stopped based on suspicion and not proof?

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