International Conservation?


I was browsing through BBC and I found this clip where Hollywood actor Harrison Ford is talking about environmental issues which have turned political. There are many Hollywood actors who have chosen to work on a certain humanitarian or environmental causes, lately.

In this clip, Mr. Ford and Peter Seligmann (Conservation International Chief Executive Officer) talk about how many ‘fragile nations’ have turned to radicalism as an alternative to their daily provision. One example which the clip discusses is the collapse of Somalian fisheries. European nations have over-fished the Eastern coast of Africa, which resulted in many Somalians with boats, but no fish. The alternative which they have taken to is piracy in international waters. There have been several cases of high jacked ships in the region (especially oil shipments). This in turn affects businesses around the world, which operate along those region(s) or are dependent on other businesses which operate there.

Thus, the conclusion one might come to is that we need to conserve our planet. “It’s a lot cheaper to intervene before it becomes a national security issue,” Mr Ford said. “Every dollar that we spend on international conservation comes back to us.”

We, International Development students, have studied this for the past 3 years that humans need to work alongside nature and reduce our negative impacts on our planet. Conservation International is, yet another, organization which is working towards this goal and has many high profile celebrities indorsing this organization. They have said on their website Every year, our planet produces an astounding US$ 72 trillion worth of “free” goods and services.”

Any thoughts about this whole idea of ‘international conservation’?


One thought on “International Conservation?

  1. Piracy is definitely a less-well known effect of over-exploitation of resources, I had certainly never thought about it that way before. You’d think that this is a really easy case to make: act sustainably and you won’t get robbed for years to come. Economically it makes sense, but it is unfortunate that many people in positions of power don’t think about it this way.Maybe they should watch the clip too!

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